Trusts and Estates

Schmitt Horan and Co. offers insurance appraisals, auction estimates and evaluations for single items, collections or entire estates. We work closely with collectors and their families to prepare their estates with the goal of minimizing stress on their loved ones after they are gone.

Our company has been handling estate liquidation for over 40 years. We reach an international audience while providing the benefits of an intimate family run business.Our goal in any trust or estate process is to work with all concerned to maximize the value for the collection both monetarily and personally. Our efforts are founded on the respect we have for the collector and his or her collection, which most often are an integral part of their lives. Families will have direct contact with company president Daniel Horan, an avid and enthusiastic collector himself, who understands your needs.

Our team at Schmitt Horan and Co. is comprised of a number of highly skilled experts, with a wide variety of knowledge. We will work diligently to accurately and professionally bring you or your loved one’s collection to market with the finest detailed descriptions and professional photography.

Learn More / Start The Process

Step 1: Contact Daniel Horan for an initial no fee consultation.

Daniel is available to meet via phone, virtual meeting, or in person. (In person meetings may depend upon location or general value of the collection.)

Step 2: Receive an assessment and / or auction estimate / valuation for your collection.

Step 3: If you are interested in consigning based on auction estimate, Schmitt Horan & Co. shall draw up a letter or sample contract with terms specific to selling your collection at auction.

Step 4: You may seek consultation based on the contract we provide with a legal or estate planning professional, before finalizing your plans to sell at auction.

"After my brother Bradley Ross's passing, his collector buddies helpfully recommended Schmitt Horan & Co. as the best auction house for his significant watch and antiques collections. Their advice was spot-on! Dan Horan came to the house, was totally empathic and pleasant to work with. He evaluated and advised how to best schedule and present Bradley's treasures. They were carefully transported and then cleaned and polished to their best possible condition before the auction. Importantly, Schmitt Horan & Co. advertised strategically to best reach those who would both appreciate and preserve his beloved collections. During the auction, the accurate information about each item produced higher bids than I had even imagined! I give Schmitt Horan & Co. a 10 star rating in every regard as someone you will enjoy working with and who will work FOR YOU!!!"

- Mariana Ross Repke

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