AUCTION : 1019

Lots 774 - 777: Important French & Mystery Clocks including Dumonchel with Unusual Escapement

Lot#: 774

DESCRIPTION: Dumonchel a Paris, a rare table regulator with unusual escapement and perpetual calendar, the large four glass case with gilt brass frames and molded marble base and top, four white enamel dials with gilt, engraved mask, the upper displaying dead seconds above roman numeral hours, the lower showing the date, and two small subsidiary dials displaying day and month, 8 day two train movement with break arch plates and Brocot escapement, the pallet with auxiliary pivoted lever driving a seconds wheel, the wheel advanced at alternate vibrations, and so enabling a dead seconds display from a half seconds pendulum, the compensated pendulum with zinc and steel rods, the bob with scale indicating change in length
CONDITION: case dirty, frames tarnished and lacking gilding, marble with minor chips and bruises, front glass with chip at upper right, rear glass with minor chips at top edge, dial mask with minor dirt, month dial with two faint hairlines, seconds hand with missing tail, other hands good, movement ticks and strikes, calendar functions operating, will need adjustment, pendulum with marks, scratches, later fasteners, and open holes, scale with loss to paint. The method used to adapt a half seconds movement to display full seconds is quite unusual. The auxiliary attachment to a conventional Brocot escapement and the addition of a wheel independent of the time train allows the display of dead seconds in the manner of the coup perdu escapement. In addition, this arrangement allows for the impulsing of the pendulum on each vibration, as opposed to the coup perdu, which impulses on alternate vibrations.
ESTIMATE: $4000 - $6000
CIRCA: 1850
DIMENSIONS: 16in x 12.25in x 8in

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Lot#: 775

DESCRIPTION: France, a large and impressive Louis XV style clock, the brass inlaid tortoise shell and ormolu mounted case with integral base featuring tapering, foliate ornamented feet, the clock case with scroll and caryatid feet, leaf and dart ornamented cast door with arched top and serpentine bottom, the gilt break arch cornice molding below four putto representing music, literature, art, and science, the two part removable top with convex and concave sections, four urn and flame finials, and surmounted by a seated Chronos figure, cast dial with roman numeral cartouches, and cartouche below 6:00 signed "Balthazar a Paris", blued steel hands, and 8 day two train movement sounding the hours and half hour on a bell, with sunburst pendulum
CONDITION: losses and some lifting to veneers and inlays, case top with filler below platform with figure of Chronos, rear door with warp and lifting of veneers and inlays, case and dial with polish residue, one cartouche with hairline, hands now painted black, movement ticks and strikes, pendulum poorly repaired, rod detached
ESTIMATE: $3000 - $5000
CIRCA: 1880
DIMENSIONS: 42in x 22.75in x 10in

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Lot#: 776

DESCRIPTION: Charles Baltazar and Francois Duhamel, Paris, a Louis XV Boulle work bracket clock, the oak case with tortoise veneers, inlaid with brass, floral vines, the base with central shell, scroll feet, and foliate mounts conforming to the curves of the case, kidney shape brass door with frolicking putti holding birds, top with gadrooned brass molding, and with central scroll and acanthus mount, gilt brass dial with Roman numeral enamel cartouches, and signed, white enamel center, finely pierced, chased and engraved gilt hands, signed brass movement with tapered baluster form pillars and large, solid count wheel, large barrels, five wheel going train, and verge escapement with silk suspended pendulum, striking the hours and half hours on a bell, and resting on a matching, incurved bracket with gilt brass mounts and wrought iron rings for hanging, signed "DUHAMEL JME", many mounts bearing the crowned C mark
CONDITION: removable top missing, shell veneers with splits and very minor losses, some lifting of brass inlays, some mounts with losses to gilding and minor verdigris, some mount fasteners replaced, some mounts a bit loose, dial good, a few cartouches with hairlines and one with small repair, minute hand repaired, movement with minor spotting and staining, running and striking. The Baltazar family of clock and watch makers were among the most prominent in 18th century France, with Henri Charles being one of the most recognized of this horological dynasty. Francois Duhamel (1723- 1801) became a master of the carpenters and cabinetmakers guild in 1750, and specialized in clock cases.
ESTIMATE: $2000 - $3000
CIRCA: 1750
DIMENSIONS: 31.75 x 14.75in x 7.5in

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Lot#: 777

DESCRIPTION: Guilmet, France, mystery clock, black slate case with molded base, foliate side ornaments with lyre form handles, on acanthus decorated scroll feet, and base with central cartouche, surmounted by a gilt female figure, her left hand held aloft, and suspending the pendulum, impulsed through the nearly imperceptible movement of the base on which the she stands, roman numeral glass dial with frosted chapter ring, blued steel Breguet style hands, 8 day time and strike movement with crank and stirrup escapement, and damascened front plate, the back plate with Guilmets mark and numbered 4313
CONDITION: case dirty and with minor flakes, top with two repaired losses, case sanded at repairs, ornaments with losses to gilding, pendulum with losses to gilding, figure painted gold, dial with very minor losses to a few painted numerals, hands with minor oxide, bridge below center wheel with replaced screws, movement complete, striking, pendulum motion results in movement of the stirrup, but the crank does not move, will need service
ESTIMATE: $1800 - $2500
CIRCA: 1885
DIMENSIONS: 28in x 15.25in x 8.25in

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