AUCTION : 1019

Lots 767 - 773: Important Jeweler's Regulators and Public Clocks including Howard Regulator No.'s 48, 61 & 67

Lot#: 767

DESCRIPTION: E. Howard & Co., Boston, Mass., "No. 48" standing astronomical regulator, walnut and walnut veneer case with molded base below panelled front and sides, the front with applied carving and central turned, carved eight lobe roundel, burl veneered sloping surbase below ogee and ovolo transition molding, trunk sides with arched lights, the front with glazed removable panel having a molded frame and convex top below a carved drapery swag, both conforming to the curve of the turned, molded bezel, with flanking, inverted column form drops below turned, carved roundels and terminating in a carved, stylized bellflower, and surmounted by a honeysuckle and shell carved, molded crest and two turned, carved finials, white painted astronomical dial with blued steel hands, 8 day brass movement with jeweled train and deadbeat escapement with Vulliamy pallets, and two jar mercury pendulum, and brass clad weight
CONDITION: case refinished and in a dark stain, dirty, minor bumps and dings, fret sawn support for beat scale replaced, dial inking strengthened and lacquered, hands with minor oxide, movement with vestigial remains of damascened finish, crutch with poor repair, screws with rust, two jewels now replaced with brass bushings, third wheel jewel at back plate broken, escape wheel without endshake due to rust encrustation at front plate, pendulum rod with rust, jars and frame of incorrect style, weight with minor corrosion and verdigris
ESTIMATE: $40000 - $60000
PRICE SOLD: $27000
CIRCA: 1875
DIMENSIONS: 111.25in x 32in x 17.75in

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Lot#: 771

DESCRIPTION: A large electric street or station clock with cast iron base, the green painted column with conical base supporting the octagonal clock, black painted case with chrome trim, two black painted arabic numeral dials illuminated with concealed green neon tubes, each with chrome plated, art deco style hands and red painted sweep seconds hand
CONDITION: repainted, minor scrapes and dings in paint, chrome trim with minor bends and dents, dials repainted, one movement working and setting, both neon tubes working, hands good
ESTIMATE: $2500 - $3500
CIRCA: 1935
DIMENSIONS: 88in x 32in x 24in

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Lot#: 772

DESCRIPTION: Astronomical regulator with later purpose made case, the walnut, rectilinear 6 light case with simple molded base and top, black lacquered dial with gilt chapter rings and numerals, gilt hands, 8 day brass weight driven movement with maintaining power and Graham dead beat escapement and mounted to a heavy cast bracket attached to the case back, substantial brass and steel gridiron pendulum with heavy bob, and brass clad weight
CONDITION: case good, dial repainted, movement clean, ticking, pendulum bob with staining, weight with minor dents and dings
ESTIMATE: $1000 - $1500
DIMENSIONS: 60.5in x 14.75in x 9in

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Lot#: 773

DESCRIPTION: An American hanging astronomical regulator with beehive style case, the walnut, lancet arch case with convex molded front, bezel, and door, the sides with small glazed apertures allowing a view of the movement, and the back lined with black velvet, white painted sheet iron dial with outer minutes, seconds chapter above center, and hours below, blued steel hands, substantial 8 day weight driven brass movement with Graham deadbeat escapement, maintaining power, damascened plates, and five spoke crossings, and pendulum with gilt wooden rod and brass clad bob, the weight also with brass shell
CONDITION: case in an old, crazed finish, case front with split above dial, bezel also with split at top, putty in door and bezel replaced, velvet with discoloration, wear, and tears, dial cleaned, relined, hands good, movement with tarnish and staining, damascening with losses, all steel a uniform gray color, pallet and crutch collets soldered to arbor, pendulum rod dirty and with losses to gilding, pendulum bob with distortions and shallow dents, minor staining, small crack and evidence of extensive hammering, back poorly poured and finished, weight with tarnish and dings
ESTIMATE: $900 - $1200
CIRCA: 20th century
DIMENSIONS: 59.5in x 20.5in x 6.25in

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