AUCTION : 1019

Lot#: 413

DESCRIPTION: Attributed to Karl Griesbaum, a mid 20th century standing whistler of wood with carved bone components, his clothing with bone buttons, and holes exposing a bone toe, knee, and elbow, his right hand behind and leaning on a cane, his left bent at the elbow, the bone hand with thumb behind the lapel displaying a carved bone flower, his head also of bone, with pursed lips and squinting eyes, and crowned with a carved fedora, the mechanism concealed in his body, whistling a tune and moving his head from side to side when activated
CONDITION: figure with accumulated dust and dirt, panel concealing movement replaced, movement very dirty, oily, bellows recovered, works well when fully wound, needs service
ESTIMATE: $1200 - $1800
CIRCA: 1950
DIMENSIONS: 14.25in x 3.5in x 3.5in