AUCTION : 0519

Lots 98 - 99: Rare Organ Grinder Moving Eye Clock & Clock Peddler Figural

Lot#: 98

DESCRIPTION: Karl Griesbaum, Triberg, Germany, "Clock Peddler" whistling figure, spring driven brass movement driving a bellows, cam-controlled slide whistle, and head motion, enclosed in a hand carved wood figure of a German clock peddler, a small working spring driven wag-on-the-wall novelty clock under his arm and a load of additional clocks on his back.
CONDITION: figure in good condition with light colored paints having darkened slightly. The figure is unsigned, but almost certainly Griesbaum. The movement is stamped "GERMANY". The movement runs, pumping the bellows and turning the figures head. The bellows are sound, but perhaps a little weak so they may need to be restored in time. Novelty clock movement escapes when wound. It is missing its minute hand.
ESTIMATE: $600 - $800
CIRCA: 1930
DIMENSIONS: 13in x 4.5in x 3.75in

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Lot#: 99

DESCRIPTION: Bradley & Hubbard, Meriden, Conn., a rare Organ Grinder moving eye timepiece, the cast iron case with oval, green painted base, the figure dressed in yellow stockings, red coat and top hat with plume, his barrel organ hung with a yellow strap and draped with a green blanket, the monkey wearing a red coat with white collar and cap, and seated on the blanket at his right, roman numeral paper dial with brass bezel and spade hands, brass, spring driven lever movement with large brass balance, the organ grinders eyes controlled by the rocking pallet
CONDITION: dirty, retains much of its original surface, red paint over layer of blue on the figure's coat, base with minor oxidation, bezel dirty, dial very dirty and with significant staining, movement very dirty,. will tick briefly
ESTIMATE: $2800 - $3500
CIRCA: 1865
DIMENSIONS: 17.5in x 8in x 6in

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