AUCTION : 0519

Lots 661 - 666: Music Boxes, Rare Phonograph, Singing Bird & Whistlers

Lot#: 661

DESCRIPTION: Polyphon Musicwerk, Leipzig, Germany, "Model 104" floor-standing, coin-operated disc music box, playing 19-5/8 inch discs, robust dual comb movement starting upon insertion of a U. S. quarter or Deutschmark piece, the case of mixed walnut and mahogany veneers and solids, all resting on a base cabinet with hinged, locking door. Approximately 2 dozen discs are included.
CONDITION: all three pieces, base, box and removable top trim are dusty and in need of polish. There are nicks and scratches commensurate with the age of the piece. The two music combs are excellent, with little damper noise and no broken nor missing teeth. The drive motor is running and the discs do play, however a cleaning is in order. Governor needs adjustment as it snaps to full open easily and does not return to closed at the end of the tune. Coin-op feature is functional, and coin tip-out works as well. Includes seven English pence to play machine.
ESTIMATE: $2000 - $2500
CIRCA: 1895
DIMENSIONS: 86in x 31in x 19in

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Lot#: 662

DESCRIPTION: The Gramophone & Typewriter Ltd., 21 City Rd, Finsbury Square, London, England, the English subsidiary of Victor Talking Machine Co., "Type D" oak cased phonograph with original 21" diameter oak horn, 21" resting on an oak and quarter sawn oak record cabinet with single drawer over a single cabinet flanked by full turned columns flanking panels with carved musical trophies. Includes three albums of records.
CONDITION: the oak case and cabinet retain their original finish in good condition. There is a split in the cabinet across the top with some separation at glue joints and trim loose. The click spring is broken and the barrel turns freely when the phonograph is wound. The oak horn has a good decal.
ESTIMATE: $1000 - $1500
DIMENSIONS: 69in x 28in x 21in

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Lot#: 663

DESCRIPTION: Karl Griesbaum, Triberg, Germany, carved "Hobo" or "Drunkard" whistling figure, spring driven brass movement driving a bellows, cam-controlled slide whistle, and head turn motion enclosed in a hand carved wood figure depicting an inebriated man in a top hat who leans on a lamp post, the top of which contains a battery powered bulb behind red glass.
CONDITION: The figure is in very nice condition with just a few scratches to the finish. The figure's walking stick may be a replacement, but it is hard to tell. The piece is stamped with Griesbaum bird logo and "Ken-D" trademark. The movement is stamped "MADE IN GERMANY".The bellows will need to be restored. The movement runs when wound and is a little loose within its compartment. The battery compartment in the base has some light corrosion.
ESTIMATE: $400 - $600
CIRCA: 1930
DIMENSIONS: 19.5in x 5in x 3.5in

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Lot#: 664

DESCRIPTION: Karl Griesbaum, Triberg, Germany, "Newsboy" whistling figure, spring driven brass movement driving a bellows, cam-controlled slide whistle, and head motion, enclosed in a hand carved wood figure depicting a boy in a flat cap and nickers with a newspaper under one arm and a bag full of papers hanging at his side.
CONDITION: the nicely carved figure is in good condition. The paint is a little dirty, but this is only apparent on the very light colors. The finish is worn off of some of the outside corners and the top of the rear door. The movement runs, pumping the bellows and turning the head. The whistle is not loud and clear, so the bellows will need to be restored. The movement is stamped "GERMANY". A less common model with a lot of character. The last newsboy model we had was in 2012 and sold for $1200.
ESTIMATE: $500 - $700
CIRCA: 1925
DIMENSIONS: 13.5in x 5.75in x 3in

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Lot#: 665

DESCRIPTION: Switzerland, music box, spring driven movement driving a 10.5 inch cylinder playing several tunes on a comb with 76 teeth, figured veneer box with banding and inlay on the top
CONDITION: 8 teeth on comb broken, many pins bent on cylinder, fly poorly repaired, movement dirty, damper loose, veneer losses on case, top of case warped with split on right side.
ESTIMATE: $150 - $250
CIRCA: 1890
DIMENSIONS: 6.5in x 20in x 10.5in

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Lot#: 666

DESCRIPTION: West Germany, singing bird cage with two birds, spring driven movement in a patinated brass case with raised floral design, red fabric covering the base, red and yellow birds, both of which move and sing.
CONDITION: the piece is in very good condition. Both birds move and the song is strong and clear.
ESTIMATE: $150 - $250
CIRCA: 1985
DIMENSIONS: 12.5in x 6.25in x 6.25in

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