AUCTION : 0519

Lots 1 - 3: Tower Clocks

Lot#: 1

DESCRIPTION: Stone & Mashall, Cazenovia, NY, "Model 1" tower clock, time only, weight driven movement with deadbeat escapement and maintaining power, scrolled cast iron frames and wheels with curved crossings, and center arbor with brass snail cam for activating a separate strike train.
CONDITION: frames cleaned and repainted, wheel crossing with abrasion, fine pitting on the steel components, some components appear to have been bead blasted, new rope on winding drum, pendulum bob is included but without a rod, crank is included, no leading off work, no separate strike train. Weight is a replacement.
ESTIMATE: $1500 - $2000
CIRCA: 1865
DIMENSIONS: 38in x 16in x 19in

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Lot#: 2

DESCRIPTION: Max Han, Thurmuhrenfabrik Zickau Sachsen, Germany, tower clock, time and strike, weight driven movement with anchor escapement in a green painted cast iron frame with maker's signature and switch for electrically winding weights, Patent No. 88581
CONDITION: sold "as is". Includes a pendulum rod. There is some oxidation to some wheels and arbors. The frame has been repainted. Part of the motion works is attached.
ESTIMATE: $1200 - $1500
CIRCA: 1880
DIMENSIONS: 22.5in x 25.75in x 28.5in

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Lot#: 3

DESCRIPTION: Europe, tower clock, time and strike, weight driven movement with pinwheel escapement and indicator dial in a gray painted cast iron frame
CONDITION: sold "as is". Mounted on pallet. Includes pendulum, crank and motion work component. The paint on frame appears original.
ESTIMATE: $700 - $900
CIRCA: 1900
DIMENSIONS: 23in x 38.25in x 19.75in

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