AUCTION : 0519

Lots 170 - 176: Important Regulators from the Arthur Bjornestad Collection

Lot#: 170

DESCRIPTION: Zenith Watch Co., Switzerland, an eight day astronomical regulator with first prize certificate from the 1926 timing competition at the Neuchatel observatory, glazed semicircular oak case with two doors, signed silvered astronomical dial with blued steel hands, rhodium plated, nine jewel brass movement, the escape wheel and pallet arbor jeweling in screwed chatons, and with adjustable, jeweled pallets, invar pendulum rod with cylindrical bob, auxiliary compensation, and one piece suspension, the clock driven by a small, cylindrical brass weight, together with the competition record sheet showing daily variation, temperature, and barometric pressure, and the first prize certificate awarded at the conclusion of the contest, serial # 98
CONDITION: case with minor splits, lower glass with small surface chip at bottom, dial with some discoloration and abrasion, minute hand with minor oxide, movement dirty, and with discoloration, staining, and minor losses to plating, escapement functioning, movement needs service, pendulum bob and compensation cylinders with varying degrees of oxide, weight good, record sheet with folds and minor tears, award certificate with three creases
ESTIMATE: $10000 - $15000
PRICE SOLD: $15000
CIRCA: 1925
DIMENSIONS: 53 in x 13in x 9in

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Lot#: 171

DESCRIPTION: Strasser & Rohde, Glasshutte, a hanging, oak cased, B1 grade astronomical regulator, the rectilinear, style 9 case with glazed doors and molded top and bottom, the right side of the upper section hinged to allow access to the movement, and back with iron mounting bracket, signed, silvered astronomical dial with blued steel hands and lacquered brass bezel, grade B1 movement with heavy, grained and lacquered brass plates, finely cut wheels and pinions, escape wheel and pallet arbor jeweling set in screwed chatons, jeweled pallets, and Harrison's maintaining power, the type 13, two cylinder invar pendulum with auxiliary compensation and crutch adjustment, brass clad lacquered weight and original key, serial #607 (movement), 673 (pendulum)
CONDITION: case good, upper door with splits, inside of bottom with a few scratches and dings, dial with moderate tarnish, hands very good, movement ticking, wheel work very dirty, plates, mounting bracket, and other brass components in old and possibly original lacquer, pendulum and weight good, key good. A nice example by this esteemed maker.
ESTIMATE: $9000 - $12000
PRICE SOLD: $13000
CIRCA: 1915
DIMENSIONS: 59 in x 17in x 9in

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Lot#: 172

DESCRIPTION: Strasser & Rohde, Glashutte, Germany, an unusual Renaissance Revival astronomical regulator displaying three time zones, the imposing walnut and rosewood case with molded base below a framed birdseye maple panel, the sides with similar treatment, heavy projecting mid-molding above a heavy, blind arcaded fret, top of the mid-molding also with contrasting birdseye maple veneers, glazed door with fluted pilasters having molded bases below an inset birdseye maple panel, the capitals with foliate carving and female masks, the molded, arched aperture with carved, stylized anthemion ornament and flanking birdseye maple spandrels, the frieze with birdseye maple panels below a projecting molded cornice, silvered dial with peripheral minute chapter encircling four subsidiary dials showing seconds at 12:00, Lake Shore Time at 3:00, City Time at 6:00, and Philadelphia Time at 9:00, blued steel hands, substantial weight driven, month-going movement with fully jeweled escapement, five rod zinc / steel gridiron pendulum with adjustable compensation, heavy brass clad bob, silvered beat scale mounted to a brass support on a molded walnut block, and brass clad weight with well finished pulley.
CONDITION: the case has an old finish, very good overall with minor bumps and scratches. The inner case on bottom has some gouges and staining. The backboard of the upper case has a ragged cut across the bottom. The dial has been professionally resilvered. The hands are good. The movement is in good condition, with minor staining, escapement functional. Minor dings on the pendulum bob and some oxidation on the zinc tube. The beat scale is in good condition and has been resilvered. The weight has minor dings and scratches. The presence of a subsidiary dial marked Lake Shore Time may indicate that the clock was originally made for use in a Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway station.
ESTIMATE: $10000 - $15000
CIRCA: 1880
DIMENSIONS: 93.5in x 37.5in x 16.75in

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Lot#: 173

DESCRIPTION: David Perret, Neuchâtel, Switzerland, a walnut and walnut veneer cased electromechanical hanging regulator, case in the Vienna style with deeply incurved bottom bracket, door with arched top and turned ornament, and molded serpentine cornice, the backboard with matched, figured veneers and mounted with a barometer having a mercury filled J-tube and silvered scale, Lambrecht's polymeter, and brass bracket for mounting the pendulum and movement, roman numeral silvered dial with maker's plaque, blued steel Breguet style hands, and blued central seconds indicator, the movement with trapezoidal brass plates, three-wheel train, adjustable Vulliamy style pallets, and remontoire periodically reset by electromagnet actived armature, pendulum with lenticular ebonized rod and heavy brass bob.
CONDITION: case in an old finish, walnut veneers with some fading due to sun exposure, turned drop missing, minor scratches and dings, dial restored, hands with specks of oxide, escapement functional, runs if remontoire is reset manually, condition of circuitry unknown, pendulum rod with surface losses and some gouging where it enters the bob, pendulum bob abraded and with dings and scratches, barometer scale refinished, J-tube intact and contains mercury, polymeter very good.
ESTIMATE: $2000 - $2500
CIRCA: 1910
DIMENSIONS: 72in x 17in x 9in

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Lot#: 174

DESCRIPTION: Johann Nacovsky, Graz, a monumental, standing electromechanical regulator, the walnut case on compressed ball feet, the base with carved, flaring pilasters with molded capitals and bases, flanking a paneled door with blind fret and applied, central flat topped pyramidic ornament, glazed door with fluted columns having carved capitals, turned, vasiform bases, and resting on molded plinths, molded, broken arch pediment with central plinth surmounted by a flame and urn finial, roman numeral white enamel dial with with fancy blued and gilt steel hands, the sunk center marked "Elektrischer Regulator Patent Johann Nacovsky Graz", brass movement with large, eight spoke great wheel, dead beat escapement, and electromagnetic remontoire, periodically winding a ratchet which tensions a spring powering the great wheel, the pendulum with decorative brass and steel tubes flanking an ebonized, wooden rod, with three engraved, horizontal ornaments, and large brass pendulum bob, together with an electronic circuit board which regulates the voltage.
CONDITION: case with an old finish, minor bumps and dings, left side cornice molding with minor loss, door molding with split at top, plinth below finial with detached molding, inner pediment molding returns missing, lower panel in case back missing, dial and hands very good, movement with minor staining, pallet loose on arbor, great wheel a bit loose, escapement functional, pendulum rod with losses to ebonizing, bob with minor smudges and staining, condition of circuitry unknown
ESTIMATE: $3000 - $4000
CIRCA: 1910
DIMENSIONS: 101in x 26in x 13in

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Lot#: 175

DESCRIPTION: Muirhead & Son, Glasgow, a small, hour striking astronomical regulator, the tapering walnut and burl walnut veneer case with molded, quarter round feet supporting a base with conforming corners, the trunk with molded, tapering, glazed door having straight stiles and incurved rails, the upper rail below a molded, inset aneroid barometer, the lower rail above an elliptical carved molding, and an adjacent, rectangular molding with concave top, the top of the trunk with rounded shoulders and carved molding with scrolled ends, and drumhead bonnet with turned molding encircling a brass bezel, signed, roman numeral silvered astronomical dial with arabic minutes and seconds, blued steel hands, and heavy brass two train movement with maintaining power, rack striking, backboard mounted iron bracket carrying the winding drums and also bearing on the front plate, a second iron bracket with gong, and driven by two cast iron weights which fall invisibly, behind a baffle, the pendulum with steel rod, and brass trimmed steel holder containing a single, cylindrical mercury jar
CONDITION: case with good polished surface, splits in lower trunk and base moldings, door moldings with separation at corners, door molding, lower right, with poor repair, the portion of case front hidden by bonnet with significant warp and separation from case sides, paper barometer dial with damp staining and mildew, dial resilvered and with spots of corrosion at left side screws and 9:00, hands with some oxidation and loss to blue, movement ticks and strikes, weights replaced, steel pendulum components with oxidation, brass also with minor staining and oxidation, jar good. The weights are replacements. The presence of mercury in this lot will require the winning bidder or a buyer's agent to pick up the item at the auction, or make arrangements to collect it from the Schmitt - Horan office.
ESTIMATE: $4000 - $6000
CIRCA: 1860
DIMENSIONS: 79in x 18in x 10.25in

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Lot#: 176

DESCRIPTION: Walter Durfee, Providence, R.I., a walnut Renaissance Revival style astronomical regulator, the rectangular base with conforming inset burl panel, glazed door with tapering pilasters, incised lined carving and burl veneer, the upper section with turned bezel, triangular burl panels above 10:00 and 2:00 with flanking stylized scroll and anthemion carving, projecting cornice with lined carved crest, simple scrolled cavetto moldings and central carved bust, silvered astronomical dial with roman hours, arabic minutes and seconds, signed "W. H. Durfee, Providence", simple blued steel hands, 8 day timepiece movement with deadbeat escapement and adjustable Vulliamy style agate pallets, brass and steel mercury pendulum with octagonal jar and nickel plated weight.
CONDITION: case made up of new and old parts, uneven finish, scratches and dings, some repairs to the veneer, inside of the case with numerous filled holes, back replaced, turned bezel replaced and surrounding area poorly refinished with multiple layers of old and new finish, two triangular veneered panels below bezel missing, ornaments at 4:00 and 8:00 added, small split at bottom of right side, left and right side with plugged holes near the top, finishing nails added to reinforce cornice and top moldings, dial with minor toning, engraving lacking black infill, hands with minor bends, steel components on pendulum with minor oxidation, weight with plating losses, dents and dings, and 2 inch crack, weight hook deformed, weight pulley may be replaced, movement with minor tarnish and staining, crutch fork loose, some steel components with minor oxidation, movement dirty and would benefit from service.
ESTIMATE: $2000 - $3000
CIRCA: 1880
DIMENSIONS: 92in x 25in x 14in

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