AUCTION : 0519

Lot#: 916

DESCRIPTION: Pocket watch movements- 16 (Sixteen), including a split seconds chronograph by C.L. Guinand, chronographs by C.H. Meylan, Timing and Repeating Watch Co., Sewill, one utilizing the patent of William Henry Douglas #2605, the dial marked "Chrono Micrometer" and three others, two 2 train dual time zone watches with independent dead seconds, an "Independent Dead Seconds" movement by Russel & Son, three center seconds examples, and two earlier, gilt, two train movements with independent dead seconds, one signed Girard Geneva, all with enamel dials
CONDITION: split seconds will work but very gummy, Russel will run, but very gummy, Girard working, one dual time zone working, Sewill working, the rest with good staffs
ESTIMATE: $400 - $600