Reasons for obtaining a professional appraisal
  1. Gaining and maintaining accurate insurance coverage
  2. Equitable distribution of assests within an estate
  3. Equitable distribution of assests within divorce proceedings
  4. Evaluating Federal estate tax distribution in case of death
  5. Charitable contribution or gift
  6. Accounting purposes
  7. Damage or loss value
  8. Estate Tax or planning
Why should I choose Schmitt Horan & Co for my appraisal
Schmitt Horan & Co. has been a trusted company in the auction and antiques markets for over 40 years. We offer replacement cost and fair market value appraisals. Because we sell thousands of items per year at auction our company feels the true pulse of the market.  We work with a leading team of experts who will carefully assess and research your items for appraisal.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the difference between an Appraisal and an Auction Valuation?
A: An appraisal is a professional written report. It has a specific value for a defined purpose at a designated time. There is generally a fee associated with appraisals due to the extensive amount of research and time needed to pinpoint a specific value and produce a formal report.
An auction valuation is often given verbally or via e-mail. At Schmitt Horan & Co. this is a free service. This estimate reflects the price at which we expect the item to sell at auction under present market conditions. It is not intended to establish a replacement value or a value for third party transactions. You may obtain a free auction valuation here.
Q: Why is there a such a price difference between my formal appraisal and the auction valuation?
A: Most formal appraisals are based on insurance or replacement value. This value is designed to reflect "retail" pricing as insurance policies are written to provide a replacement of equivalent value within a short period of time. This retail replacement value can be several times (or more) than the auction valuation, which is generally considered a "wholesale" price indicator. 
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